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Lamberts of Norwich

   F. Lambert & Sons 

Lambert Tea Sign

F. Lambert and Sons was known for their Teas (they are the best!) and were called tea merchants, tobacconists and confectioners. From the the late fifties to sixties they were inspired to be a company that issued tea cards as premiums. They issued many sets (fifteen) and they were all sets of twenty-five cards.   Lamberts had several shops that focused on all kinds of stuff, including tea. When they did sell tea, it appears they sold loose tea. That means I don't know how they distributed the cards to the customers. If anyone can fill in the blanks please reach out.

This neat enamel sign shows off Lambert's signature saying, "Lamberts Teas Are The Best." It's a bit worn but it's a great saying and how better to display pride for Lamberts.  It is believed this sign was made back in the 1940's.

I have been unable to find out very much about F. Lambert and Son Ltd, but know they operated from both Norwich and Ipswich. I know, it's right there on the sign ;-).

Lamberts is known as an England based tea company as all of the issues were done in England, but collectors in the US, Canada and Australia are still interested.


What Was The Subject Matter For The Tea Cards?

Fifteen series were issued from Lamberts. One of the releases had two versions. Other than that, the collecting is pretty straight-forward. The subject matter is quite varied. Car License plates, Cacti, Birds, Insects, Sports, Hobbies and a lot more. They were issued starting in 1958 and going until 1966.

Here's what I believe to be a comprehensive list of all of the series and when they were issued. If you have a different feeling, please contact me and we'll square it up. 

F. Lambert Tea Card Issues

Series Series Name Quantity Date Issued
1 Football Clubs and Badges 25 1958
2 Car Registration Numbers, A Series 25 1959
3 Car Registration Numbers, Second Series 25 1960
4 Butterflies and Moths 25 1960
5 Before Our Time 25 1961
6 Historic East Anglia   25 1961
7 Birds and Their Eggs 25 1962
8 Cacti   25 1962
9 Game Birds and Wild Fowl 25 1964
10 Past & Present   25 1964
11 Pond Life   25 1964
12 Sports and Games 25 1964
13 Interesting Hobbies 25 1965
14 Passenger Liners 25 1965
15 People & Places 25 1966

I don't know if there are albums for all the series but I have seen a couple of different albums for Football Clubs and Badges as well as Car Registrations. I'm not sure if there are more but it would make sense. Perhaps there are other fun things to collect like coupons or wall charts. Let me know if you are aware of other albums or fun stuff to collect.


Last modified: May 12, 2023

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