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National Wildlife Federation

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The National Wildlife Federation. The NWF. They started in 1936 and made their mission about conserving wildlife and so very much more. Their website has an awesome history page that I strongly recommend. It didn't take them too long, two more years, before they came up with an annual campaign with stamp albums and stamps through the mail. Of course the stamps had to have a subject and creatures are what the NWF does best. They commissioned good wildlife artists who painted some really awesome artwork. Then they sent the stamps out as a sheet to be seperated on the perfs and sent a blank album with it. The receiver could have the fun of seperating the stamps and pasting them into the album. Do we know what the stamps look like? Just click the stamp header for the tenth annual 1947 stamp set and you will see the sheet.

This image is just a header reduced to a thumbnail to save you time in loading it. Click the thumbnail to see the whole sheet. Once the large one has been viewed, click "Back" on your browser to return to this page.

1947 NWF Stamps
Click the Header to See the Whole Sheet

The stamps were issued for decades, all the way into the 90's, ending in 1996. During those years, many new stamps were commissioned and used. They covered so many creatures, including those from the land, the sea and air. Trees and sea plants also graced the stamps.

As time went on, more and more outreach of the art was achieved. All kinds of uses for the art were conceived and implemented. Many different games were made using the images as well as coasters, puzzles, magazines, personal checks, paper weights, souvenier plates, post cards, full page images and even sugar packets. The list doesn't stop there, either.

NWF Puzzle     NWF Card Game     NWF Plate     NWF Paperweight     NWF Dominoes
NWF Puzzle     NWF Card Game     NWF Plate     NWF Paper Weight     NWF Dominoes

In the 1950's the Ranger Rick mascot arrived. His creation helped bring kids closer to the message of conservation. He quickly became an intergral part of the NWF message. He has been promenant on NWF items for decades. He even got his own magazine!

Over the years the stamps played out and the beautiful artwork was replaced with beautiful photos. When you look today at NWF, you see real pictures instead of the iconic artwork of the NWF. The message is the same, perhaps updated for the current times, but conservation is still king.

This page links you to a lot of information about National Wildlife Federation and their relationship with Red Rose. There is a wealth of NWF crossover to Red Rose and you can learn it all here. It's accurate to say that there would be no Red Rose tea cards without NWF. So let's learn all about NWF and how they influenced Red Rose. Check it out. This section covers:

There's a lot of NWF info covered here. Maybe you would like to see more on other subjects not discussed. What do you think? Maybe there is too much coverage on National Wildlife (could that be?) and maybe you'd like to see more on other things. Let me know. Maybe you have some research you would like to share. Let's talk. 

  Last modified: May 14, 2022

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