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So you want to get in touch with Red Rose, eh?

Just so you know, this site is not affiliated with Red Rose. It's just a site about tea cards. Having said that, let's talk about how to get hold of them. 

Your should first understand that there are TWO Red Rose Tea companies. One in the US and one in Canada. There is a very big difference. Both are owned by DIFFERENT parent companies. Does that mean that the US Red Rose Tea tastes different than the Canadian? You bet it does! Which is better? Hmmm, I think you better decide on your own.  

Red Rose of Canada

Red Rose of the US - Redco foods at 1-877-248-2477

Canadian Red Rose

US Red Rose



You can either click the Canadian logo or the hyperlink below it and be taken to the Canadian website. You will find it fun and helpful. It is a direct link to Red Rose Canada and their marketing people.

You can do the same with the Red Rose US site. They are quite focused on Wades. OK, but don't forget the tea cards. Their parent company is Teekanne. They have a nice site as well.

Just remember, I have nothing to do with Red Rose. I just have fun collecting what used to be in the boxes! 


Last modified: March 10, 2018

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