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This page links you to a lot of information about Red Rose. Sure, there are the cards and other items to collect, but maybe there are some fun or interesting facts you did not know. Check it out. This section covers:

  • Red Rose Tea Items that cover the cards, albums, and a whole lot more.

  • Series Issued from Red Rose. What series came out in what year? What about Canadian series compared to US?

  • Animals & Their Young Series Compare for those of you who are curious what eighteen years and a new owner can do to a series.

  • Dinosaurs Series Compare for those of you who are curious what twenty-eight years and a new owner can do to a series.

  • F.A.Q. stands for Frequently Asked Questions and here is a forum for the results of were never available through Red Rose but these printer made variations are fun to collect.

  • What makes a bad card? This is a good thing to know. When is a tea card ready for the dust bin (trash)? This page attempts to explain bad.

  • History of Red Rose  is a growing section of the site in an attempt to tell you milestones in the history of Red Rose and it's premiums. If you know a little something as well, please share. We all benefit!

  • Artists of Red Rose  is the newest addition to this section of the site in an attempt to acquaint you with that marvelous group of people who painted all of those great images.

  • Contact Red Rose  is a way to you to go to their respective tea sites. You knew that Red Rose is two different companies now, right?

There's a lot of Red Rose info covered here. Maybe you would like to see more on other subjects not discussed. What do you think? Maybe there is too much coverage on Red Rose (could that be?) and maybe you'd like to see more on other types of tea cards. Let me know. Maybe you have some research you would like to share. Let's talk. 

  Last modified: July 3, 2024

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