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This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

So... What is new?

I retired in January of '23 and have been living it up ever since. But I decided to get back on the stick and get more sets of card pics available to you. It is a lot of work but I'm sure you agree its worth the effort. I previously completed the single cards for series 1 thru 5 and later added series 6 Tropical Birds, 7 African Animals, 8 Butterflies, 9, Canadian / American Songbirds and 10 Transportation to the pile. I have just completed series 11, Trees of North America. It really grew on me. This means that in the listings for 1 thru 11, every one has a matching picture of the tea card now, front and back. The different variations are represented as well. Red Rose Tea cards by Series.

I completed working on the sets issued by Lamberts of Norwich. Although many sets were issued, I highlight four different sets by showing you what each 25 card set looked like... card by card. I think you will learn that the sets issued by Lambert are quite nice indeed.

It's happened! It took quite a bit of work but I have finally completed a good sized section about NWF!  You know, the National Wildlife Federation... It's long overdue. Why? Because NWF is the reason we have Red Rose tea cards. It's true! You'll see when you check it out. N.W.F..

I've done some nice research on the variations of series 1 cards. You can say for sure which was issued first. Check out the first series variations.

I did a nice update on the Canadian Nabisco set called Indian Sign Talk. Check and see.

Other updates I have completed... 

  • I am finally spending a little time on some other kinds of cards. In particular, the Canadian issues of Nabisco seem fitting. There is not enough out there about Canadian cards so let's fix that with the Canadian Nabisco cards page.

  • Now its time for Type "A" forms. All of the known "A" forms are shown there. Check out the Type "A" Completion Form page.

  • I guess its a theme.... Type "C" forms are next. All of the known "C" forms are shown there. Check out the Type "C" Completion Form page.

  • The fun never stops! Completion Forms... Type "D" in particular. I made up a nice page telling you all about them. Along with lots of pics of different ones. I think you should take a look on the Type "D" Completion Form page.

  • I took all the new card pics from the card list and added them to the artist list. It makes it possible to look up different art from the same artist. Check out the Artists Listing. It's nice!

  • I finally got around to making a nice page where you pick a Red Rose series and it lists all the 48 card names. It even has pictures of some of 'em. And then at the bottom of each list is a link for the matching download file if you want a checklist in excel format. Psst, it's the same as the file you get clicking the Downloads tab. Check out the Red Rose Card Listing. It might be helpful.

  • I've inspired a fellow collector to do a writeup. Terry Gomes has graciously offered to write up something about the other Canadian J. Lyons set. It's the oddest series I've ever heard of. It put rocks and minerals in the tea boxes. Rocks? Yup, that is correct. This set is even more obscure than the Canadian Centennial Celebration set. What is this rare and seldom seen set? It is the Gem Hunters of the World. The set came out in '71. Thanks for the writeup Terry!

  • I've been working on an obscure tea card set under J Lyons and have come up with a fine new page about it. What set? The Canadian Centennial Celebration set. There isn't a lot of info about it... until now. Time to look at the Canadian Centennial Celebration set of 1967.

  • Jeanette Ens has shared several cool items that make up her collection. One of those things is a Series 16 two card cello. Another is a type of collectable error card. Click and see.

  • Well the story of Red Rose Tea Cards is expanding. What's up? I am talking to a former worker at the old Walker Press. They printed up all the tea cards and albums way back when. He has insight into how the cards got printed and processed for Red Rose. He has some cool stories shared in the new Bricks page. And we all be reading more about his additional thoughts soon. Can't wait!   :-)    For now, I have a few more comments from him under Walker Press.

  • Holy Moly! Just when you give up on finding a wall chart you haven't seen, Terry Gomes comes up with TWO for us to check out. He saw we had never gazed upon a Srs 13 or Srs 16 wall chart. He sure fixed that! Thanks Terry! Let's check out the Wall Charts page. It's worth the trip!.

  • Darlene and Shawn asked if their signs could get posted on this site. Sure, with some decent pics, it can happen. It actually did happen. Along with some more signs. We got signs! More Red Rose Signs. Lots of new signs.

  • After the card prices, what's next? How about the albums? All of the albums are offered now, empty and full! Some really nice price drops too! It's worth checking out! New Album Prices and Reductions. These are some good deals.

  • The card prices got a good work over. There are all kinds of dropped prices and there are lots of the rare card sets newly listed. If you are looking for a good deal, you will certainly find several here. New Card Set Prices and Reductions. I think you will be happy with the new prices.

  • How about a new section on Card Conditions? It shows off some different looks for bad cards. It also has my opinion that you should ditch your bad cards.

  • Here is a new comparison. It's of the 1963 Dinos to the 1991 Dinos. They shifted some stuff around. Let's see what they did with our Dino Comparison.

  • I just did the biggest update in a while. I added a whole new page on Grocery Store Posters... Dunno what they are? Well check out that new page right here. Grocery Store Posters.

  • I updated the British Brooke Bond page and added the series under South Africa and Rhodesia. There is a sample card for each as well. So check it out. British Brooke Bond.

  • I finally posted all the 17 albums on the albums page. I bet you've been waiting years for that. Wanna see? All the Albums.

  • You may notice that the site is looking just a tiny bit different. I recently took the "Front Page" out of the site. A good idea since that technology has been out-of-date for years. This gives me a chance to get more involved in content. A win for everyone!  

  • I updated the Parkhurst page and added quite a few series that were not mentioned before. So check it out. Parkhurst Issues.

  • There is a new series issued in the Suffolk Maid Tea. Check out the Suffolk Maid issues to see.

  • Thanks to Sheila Thompson for a couple of scans of the big "E" square completion cards. We now know that the Transportation and Animals and Young series had big "E" completion cards. This helps fill in some gaps. Keep looking for the hard to find stuff like Sheila. 

  • Thanks to John Lawrence for the scan of the series 1 cello. It's the last one we needed to see in that series.  He also helps out with the series 14 little "E" square completion card.

  • There is a new variation! Terry Gomes has found another version of the series 10 card number 19. Check it out.

  • I have updated the Series 10 Transportation 'Sun' or 'No Sun' saga.

  • All of the Tuckfield bird variations have a designation now. Thanks to Bill Smart for starting me on that goal.

  • Terry Gomes shows us a cool pocket camera coupon. Was it part of the tea card giveaway or did it come after? Look at the Other Offers Forms page.

  • More Suffolk Maid news. They have the new series out. What is it? You'd best look at the Suffolk Maid page.

  • Suffolk Maid sent me an email and let me know they liked my page on their cards. They said they have their own site now with images of cards from all three series and complete sets and folders for sale. Check it out.

  • Red Rose collecting is alive and well almost 40 years after the cards stopped going in the boxes! How can I be sure? Because Terry Gomes just showed me three things about the Red Rose cards that I did not know. Two of them are rather significant. What are they?

    Great job Terry, we all need to keep this hobby a little more interesting. Thanks for your help.

  • More Tuckfields!?! Yup, in the process of rearranging the Tuckfield card types, I noticed that I didn't have any type Y cards, the ones under the blue backs. I looked at my very few extra blues and found one with a crease and part of the backing already torn off. I gave it a shot and voila!, I have my first type "Y" card and you get to see a scan. It came out pretty good too. You can also view all the variations at bird variations, too. 
  • Tuckfields, Tuckfields, Tuckfields! I am slowly attempting to come up with a new card ID system for Tuckfields. Don't worry, I will still reference Terry's types as I know you all use them. In the process, I'm putting out more images of the cards, too. You can view them all at bird variations or individually at the type "C" card, type "D" card, type "E" card, type "F" card, type "G" card, type "H" card, type "I" card, type "I-2" card, type "J" card, type "K" card, type "L" card, type "W" card and type "X" card. I'll let you know as I do more. 

  • A Book on collecting tea cards? Yup! My friend Mark Knowler from www.TeaCards.Com  has written a book! It's called Classic Brooke Bond Picture Card Collections. You have to check it out! Just click here! Oh yeah, you have to buy it too 'cause it looks like a great read! There are details on the site about how to buy a copy. I can't wait to get mine. Congrats Mark! What a great way to celebrate our hobby!  

  • Times are tough and every dollar has to stretch. With that in mind, I have reduced most of my prices. Looking for something? Ask and you may find it here.  

  • Cards down under! Tuckfields has stopped putting bird cards in the boxes and I have discovered yet another variation of the Tetley Tuckfield bird card. 

  • I guess we are on a cello kick. Willie Groombridge gave me scans to confirm seven more new configurations. Check out the listing. Along with the new configurations is a new consideration for multiple cards in the packs.

  • Three new configurations for Cellos have been seen on an auction website the begins with "e" and ends with "Bay". I bid for them but I was too cheap to win. That's the way the cello crumbles. Check out the New listings in Canadian Series 7, Series 10 Red Top  and US Series 3. Send me a scan if you have a cello configuration not listed here, or if you see it on an auction site.

  • Dave Huebert has discovered a Lipton Animals and Young completion form. Check out the new type "J" completion card to see how it differs from all the rest. 

  • I don't know why I never thought about it but if you have a section on Free Album Coupons (FACs), don't you really need to have a section for Paid Album Coupons (PACs)? OK, so I made a new PAC section.

  • A couple of new large "E" type completion cards were spotted on an auction site recently. Check out the type "E" completion cards for more. 

  • My friend Terry Calleyne has discovered another variation. The funny thing is that it has been there right under our noses. What is it? It's the thick series 6 Tropical Bird cards. There are probably some in your collection. You better check it out!

  • A new piece of monopoly money was spotted on an auction site recently. Check out the type "A" coupons for more. 

  • The Historic Salada Picture Contest has been completely solved thanks to Les Batten and all the others who gave these cards a name. 

  • I started a new Swapping page. It's starting small with just a single Lamberts series and the Suffolk Maid Railroad cards. Maybe you want to swap? 

  • A new error cello was discovered by Willie Groombridge. It's interesting in that it is the first example of Arctic cello packaging I have ever seen. It's tragic that only the completion card is in the cello. Dig into processing errors. Check it out.  
  • For those of you who think that the Cartophilic Society of Great Britain (CSGB) is planning on having a show in Thetford in late April of 2008, you may want to check the Norwich update on my Show Page. We don't want you showing up at the wrong place! 
  • Wow, someone in the UK is issuing tea cards! I thought Brooke Bond was the last. to do it. Let's see what Dave Curtis has to say about that. Who is issuing tea cards in the UK?

  • It was SHOW SEASON again! Yup, if you like England in April, particularly Worcester, then you surely made time for the AGM fair. Check it out on my Show Page

  • For the last seven years or so I have been meaning to add a page comparing the Animals and Young series from Brooke Bond to the issue from Lipton. Why did it take so long? I dunno but tell me if it was worth the wait. Behold, the Comparison of Series 15

  • Wow, I was shopping at a local antique mall and scored some US cellos! I never get that lucky locally! Check out the updated cello site, focusing on the US Cello Issues.  

  • Willie Groombridge sent me a scan of the series 10 type G Free Album Coupon. Yup, they really do exist. 

  • David Hart has closed down his Brooke Bond sale site  ;-(  I bought some really cool items on that site. He tells me that you can catch some of the last of his items on eBay.

  • Les Batten is on a roll, he has identified two of the ten Historic Salada Picture Cards! Not only that, he got me to fix #4. Yup, #4 was improperly identified. Pretty good! He fixed #4 and identified #1 and #6. Check out his handy-work. OK Les, When do you figure out the last two?

  • Dave Huebert has solved yet another one of the Historic Salada Picture Cards! #2 is now ID'd. Good job Dave! Four left to decipher.

  • I seriously updated the Tuckfield pages with the research from Terry Calleyne. Most of the work is in the Bird issues. Thanks Terry, you are Mr. Research!

  • Dave Huebert has solved one of the Historic Salada Picture Cards! #7 bites the dust!!!  Good job Dave!

  • Many thanks to Willy Groombridge for his questions about some order forms he noticed were different. It was in answering his questions that I decided to do a whole section on order forms. Now they rate right up there with Completion cards and Free Album Coupons. I also made a page with the whole alphabet of letters that I use in describing the different variations of forms. You can see it if you just  click here... 

  • Dave Curtis spotted a new (to us anyway) Completion Card variation. No one else has come forward with a French Only one. I've posted the fact that one exists on the Completion Card list. Check it out,  just  click here.. 

  • There's a new Downloads section! If you want to download a Red Rose series checklist or two then check it out. It's at the top of the screen right next to the search button. If you prefer, just  click here... 

  • Wow, a new error is discovered and it doesn't take much effort to own it. If you already have a Series 6 Tropical Bird card, you have the error! It's worth a look-see.  

  • I created a new section on the Brooke Bond Naturalist Club Certificates . They offered them to kids but only if a responsible adult confirmed that the child placed all 48 cards in the album. Check it out! 

  • What if you have just a few tea cards for sale? Check out the FAQ on just that subject and see what I have to say.

  • I created a new section on an Australian cereal issuer. We're talking about Sanatarium's Weet-Bix. Not Weetabix like you British might pose, but the Aussie version. Weet-bix has been cranking out cards since the 1940's. My list is not 100% but it is a pretty good start. Per usual, let me know if anything looks a bit off. Click the Weet-Bix name to see the write up and list.

  • Localization is when you take something from "away" and make it your own. Red Rose did this when it borrowed a couple of sets of cards from it's parent, Brooke Bond. Check out the new page on localizing a set of cards and another page on the error that was discovered when they did it. Thanks to Dave White from the UK for spotting the problem.

  • I finally posted the pics from the wonderful trip my wife and I took to England. We attended the Cartophilic Society's Card Show. It was another great show. As always, it proves that it is the people that make the hobby. 

  • Exciting news on the discovery front! A watchful collector, Linda Ringland, has found a new error card in the Butterflies series. We now have listed the Butterflies of North America series #31 error card. And you didn't think there were any errors in the Butterflies series. Well, neither did I.  

  • I added a new listing of the Transportation series #9, 10 and 29 error cards. If you ever get confused about which is rare and which is not, check out the list. There is a link for a handy printable version for the next time you go shopping for error cards. 

  • There is a new project! We are entering a contest that has been over 44 years! How about we just see if we can name the Canadian locations in the pictures...

  • I bought another cello that had not been listed on the chart before. Series 15 Tea/Coffee variation. Keep discovering! Check it out. Let's get some more American cellos listed too.

  • To go along with the location renaming, there is a new section on Salada

  • I bought a cello that had not been listed on the chart before. Series 13 with a CU12 completion card. Keep discovering! Check it out.

  • The link to David Lawrence's website is back on our Lyon's page! David asked that it temporarily be removed as he was getting too much traffic from the visitors at TeaCard.Com. He has a great site and I am glad to link to it form my site.

  • Thanks to Glen Ryan for the idea of doing a page on Red Rose posters. What? You didn't know that Red Rose did posters!?! Well, sit right back and click on over to it! 

  • An auction held recently turned up another odd coupon in a Space Age cello. Keep discovering! Check out the image.

  • A couple of good questions have come up on the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions page. Might be worth a look-see. Look-see, that is a Maine expression. I guess that means it more than just a look or a see....

  • I recently got hold of some "E" type completion cards. I had never seen several of them. See what got added to the completion card page. Be sure to check out the image at the bottom. I also see a new one on an auction site.

  •  A new variation has been "rediscovered"! A while back I had a collector claim he found a variation but no one could confirm it. Thanks to another collector, we now know that the red topped series 10 has 2 variations!.

  •  The cello page has a new update (Series 1 'Albums...') thanks again to Phil Millen. Remember, send me a picture of something I don't list as having seen and we'll get your name up there too.

  •  Also, an auction held recently turned up a flatware coupon in a cello. Pretty cool, check out the image.

  •  David Hart is selling his Brooke Bond collection of many years. It is first come, first serve. Hurry up and check it out right here on my links page or go direct to www.brookebondsale.com. (This web address is no longer valid)

  •  Many thanks to Duncan Williams of Canada for his suggestion of an overlooked free album coupon. We now have a type "G". Check it out! I will follow up later with the whole ad it was pulled from.

  •  Sadly, I had to remove links to a couple of great sites. First, Alan Wrathall no longer does auctions nor does he keep up his site. They were good auctions and we'll miss you on-line Alan. Second, Davis Hart no longer maintains mybrookebond.com. What a shame! A very entertaining site with the dino artwork and much more. Both sites will be missed. Sorry it didn't work out for you fellows. I know I appreciated both sites and will miss your presence on the web.

         More news (a bit older)......

What should I work on next. You can help me out. Email me.

Hang in there, I know I need to put some more time in and it will happen soon. Keep those comments coming. I appreciate it!

Yes, there is a lot more to go too. There are a lot of new images to get out and new information. I also plan to put out a National Wildlife Federation page as there is much cross over there. 


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